Sky, star and the memories


When you feel Lonely

When You feel Lonely
When a person you love passes away
Look to the night sky on a clear day.
The star that to you, appears to be bright,
Will be your loved one,Looking upon you during the night.
The lights of heaven are what shows through
As your loved one watches all that you do.
When you feel lonely for the one that you love,
Look to the Heavens in the night sky above.

~ (Author unknown)

A day to forget , a date wish didn’t exist yet incident of many moons ago, bring in pain and sorrow even after so many years. One never stopped seeking answers about life and death and the timing of it. Yet the intense feeling of a responsibility for fulfilling the dreams of the departed soul, is what keeps you going. As they say, Life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living

Conversation between the keys


As the events starts unfolding the way you dont want, the fear, the loss that surfaces beneath the consciousness is not at all palpable. You realize how much the conversation between the keys means and how much you miss them sometimes. The power of just being there to read what is typed, is as good as someone lending you an ear to listen to.These tiny gadgets has made life without them so so lonely ….


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