Gifted feelings


Gifting is what you give away your feelings wrapped as an object. I love to give and receive gifts. And I love to gift books . These days online stores likes Flipkart makes it so easy to wrap your feelings. I always feel that you are gifting a small universe of a author through a book. Hi-tech friends go a step further by gifting you the ebooks. Though I miss the intimacy of holding a book, flipping the pages and smelling the paper, ebooks have an huge advantage when you are on the road for many days.As I ordered one more book today for myself looking forward to happy moments of giving and receiving gifts and those unwrapped moments of joy…

My sky and my star


Missing those who are not with us any more are the most terrible moments to pass by. Right now in Kolkata , in spite of the festive mood all around this feeling of loneliness is too much to bear. Whole of today after the check in except when I went out to Flurys to eat, spent the day locked up in the guest house..strange but yes , felt at ease with the loneliness or was it the happy old memories of times long lost many years ago….


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