Social deed or Senseless deed

2Though a trip tomorrow is looking starkly at me to pack my things, I just dont have the energy left today. Hungry, running errands for everyone except myself,yet absolutely in no mood to eat a grub. Makes me think many a times,is it all worth it?

Social deeds are good for the purpose it serves but what one gets in return? Or is it that I should not think of any return? Not sure, yet a small voice keeps telling me to stop all these deeds of trying to be a good human being . At the end ,it doesn’t really serve any purpose. But then, how to be a bad human being ?Be vicious, selfish ,take advantage of people and yet be satisfied with oneself ? Go all out to get name, fame at any cost and feel happy about it ? How people manage to do it , why they do it ?

With a Bandh declared tomorrow in Assam, I am totally bereft of any enthusiasm to even travel…Being all alone, with a defeated mood , I wish, and truly wish , that the twinkling star up there comes down to be with me , holds my hand and guides me along….

Life Lessons


Hurt is not when cheaters cheat you. It pains to even think that someone whom you trusted with all your honesty can dishonestly behave with your feelings.

I guess people like me fail to learn their lessons. When my own blood relations can cheat me, you can’t expect much from people who can’t think beyond commercial gains in all that they do…just that it makes harder to believe next time when people talk to you nicely or call you as friend/associate..may be that is just to fill their kitty for their own benefit..


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