Blinding doors


A bright light peeped through

Thought spring beckoned..

Unwillingly stepping forward

Opened the latch ,closed many  eons ago

Rays of light blinded me through the door

It was then I realized, It was all in the eyes

Lights were to blind me

Force me to go behind the doors again

Happy and content again now,

besides my little  window

To gaze into the sky and seek my nights..

River Lessons


No rest , no sleep and an acute headache made me just leave everything aside and sit besides the flowing river. A bit of time for myself, to be with myself. The gently flowing river with soft murmur sounds soothed the tired senses. Looking at the flow I felt that the River tides all the unwanted things towards the bank and takes only that it needs, lighter and happier so it seemed.

I guess there is a lesson to be learnt for me too.. Past few months have been  difficult. And hated myself for loosing my guard often when things never happened as I wanted. In the process one ends up blaming, thinking bad and doubting every relationship along the way .It’s time to be like the gentle river. Look for the goodness in others,  overlooking all their negatives,for then life will be simpler and happier hopefully.


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